The DAS Newsletter

The purpose of the newsletter of the Decorative Arts Society, Inc. is to serve as a forum for communication about research, exhibitions, publications, conferences, events and other activities pertinent to the serious study of international and American decorative arts.

The DAS Newsletter is published twice a year. Information originates from press releases and notices posted by or received from institutions, and from material submitted by individuals. The DAS Newsletter welcomes submissions, preferably in digital format, submitted by e-mail in Plain Text or as Word attachments, or on a CD and accompanied by a paper copy. Images should be provided at high quality (400 dpi), preferably as TIFFs or JPEGs, either color or black-and-white, with detailed captions. 
Submission deadlines for 2019: March 31 for the spring issue; September 30 for the fall issue.

We do not cover commercial galleries. We do not cover photography, film, music, sculpture or painting.

Please send material to:

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, DAS Newsletter Coordinator
2500 East Avenue, #7K
Rochester, NY 14610

The DAS reserves the right to reject material and to edit submissions for length and clarity.

DAS Newsletter
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