Categories of Contributions

Regular   $35
Institution or Library  $40
Sustaining $60
Patron $100–$499
Benefactor $500–$14,999
President's Circle $15,000 and above
Student  $20

Contribution check should be made payable to “Decorative Arts Society, Inc.” and mailed to:
Decorative Arts Society, Inc. c/o Stewart G. Rosenblum, Treasurer
333 East 69th Street, #8E
New York, NY 10021

For a copy of the DAS Contribution Form, click here.

President's Circle

This category of contribution provides for the long-term support of the DAS. By resolution of the board of directors of the Decorative Arts Society, President’s Circle gifts are held separately from operating funds for the continuing (long-term) needs of the Society. The goal is to preserve the principal, as far as possible, and to fund current activities with income derived from these funds.

The President’s Circle honors contributors who have made gifts of $15,000 or more toward the Society’s future. Gifts may be pledged over a five-year period apart from annual contributions, and shares of stock and other investments are gladly accepted. To receive such gifts, the Society has opened a brokerage account in its name at Smith Barney, Citigroup.

To make contributions to the DAS at the President’s Circle level, please contact DAS Treasurer Stewart Rosenblum at 333 East 69th Street, #8E, New York, NY 10021.